About us

Kungu rija

The history of landlord’s barn is brief though its origination is connected with old testimonies about Turaida manor barn called “Landlord’s Barn”,then built by baron Holstein. The barn house is authentic log building erected according to centuries old Latvian construction traditions.

This is a long cherished idea about a country estate with its own life rhythm,harmony with nature and we are glad that nature responded with swallows’ nests in spring,ducks’ and swans’ families staying in the pond,with autumn mushrooms at the forest edge close to the kitchen’s treshold and one can encounter a couple of roes at haystack on a cold winter day.

Mood in the Barn is similar to what (the philosopher Søren Kierkegaard) Heraclitus  wrote that one cannot step into the same river twice,it looks the same but every time is different. On a sunny day one can hear different languages of tourists from all over the world,tuck oneself up in a blanket in an autumn evening and watch fish rustling in the pond,enjoy seclusion by candle light near the fire-place in winter and listen to peaceful sounds of music.

We simply yield ourselves to this magic of the moment which different days and people bring.